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1. Event Time: 00:00 June 28 2019 - 16:00 September 10 2019 (GMT)

2. Each unique email address can only be used once to register during the pre-registration event.

3. When the number of pre-registered Commanders reaches the stated milestones, all players who enter Second Galaxy within 14 days after the game officially launches will find the corresponding milestone rewards in their mailbox once they reach Level 7!

4. If you have any questions, please contact us via our official Facebook Page, or email us at:

5. The Company reserves the right to change or terminate this event. If there are any changes, they will be adjusted and announced on our event page. Please follow the official Facebook page, official website, or pre-registration page to stay up to date with all of the latest game news!

6. Pre-registration Reward Info
When the total number of pre-registrations reaches 100,000, all Commanders will get 1 INT Research Speed Up (Reduces the time required to complete research by 1 hour).
When the total number of pre-registrations reaches 200,000, all Commanders will get 225 Illegal Miners' Ore Containers (Contains various minerals).
When the total number of pre-registrations reaches 300,000, all Commanders will get 20 Diamond Credit Vouchers (Can be exchanged for a huge amount of Credits).
When the total number of pre-registrations reaches 500,000, all Commanders will get 12 Standard Contraband Storage Cases (Contains random valuable trade goods).
When the total number of pre-registrations reaches 1 million, all Commanders will get 1 Expert Recruit Employment Contract (Grants 1 powerful Assistant).

Google Play pre-registration will begin mid-July.  Please leave your e-mail address below and we'll contact you with the latest info on the Google Play pre-registration time as soon as possible!

You can only pre-order from the App Store via your mobile device! Please head to Second Galaxy's official website on your mobile device and follow the corresponding links to pre-order. You can also fill in your email address to take part in the official website's preregistration event!